Tired of not completing your todo list?
Use a task manager that helps you get things done by writing better tasks
Task Rules
Write Tasks You Can Get Done
Stop writing tasks without the context you need to pick up work where you left off.
Convert nebulous tasks into actionable tasks
pickup groceries
pickup lemons
pickup ground beef
Task Focus
Focus on the tasks that matter
Stop stressing over your todo-list and start getting things done by staying in focus.
Only see your task at hand
a long list of todos
single actionable tasks
Task Hiding
Hide Tasks You Don't Care About
Hide the tasks that don't seem to matter so you can continue working on what does.
Hide tasks when they go undone
unimportant tasks stay at the top of your todo list
automatically archive unimportant tasks
Task chunking
Break up big tasks into managable components
Turn the tasks that stop you in your tracks into small speedbumps you can run right over
Break up big tasks into small tasks
write conference speech
write conference speech outline
identify 3 key takeways
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